Educated Gentleman Film Festival July 5th, 2014

Flyer of the year

Educated Gentleman Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing the work of men in the community making a difference.

After the movie is shown we will have a discussion about people in the community could do to help improve our people.

Donations will be asked at the door.

Video Marketing, Video for Your Business, Video for Yourself

When you are YouTube they have been trying to push that video marketing as a necessary part of your business. Not that is a bad thing but you must remember that you must pay into it. And not only pay into it make sure the stuff you are promoting is of high quality.

Video has become a part of the social media spectrum because of Instagram video, Vine, and Youtube. But unlike twitter, facebook, video requires movement, voice, and visuals. Those tasks are daunting to many people want to make sure their businesses and themselves sound good. Unfortunately in order to do that it will cost many dollars and resources you may not have.

But fret not because Oakland Parks and Recreation has an idea for you. We could show you the tools of the trade where you can create your video for your business, yourself, or someone you love. This video class can be catalyst to a career in this field or just something you can do for fun.

I have learned about being artistic from various forms of artistic expression. I have created wooden pieces, draw, and made music. For me I learn how to be a team player by learning in different ways instead of the same ways. I learn to be a better person, employer, and leader. So here is the information:

5818 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94621

Fridays 1-3 PM 6/20-7/18

Cost $50

FYI there is also other adult class that vary.

Information: 510-615-5807 Claytoven, Andrea

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.41.04 PM

Business and Art Equal Business and Art?

Circles Part 2

People of Color (POC) Culture is necessary for the growth of businesses, especially in communities of color. So how you do that? How do you get the people from other cultures to want your services? And how you get other cultures to improve their quality so you could bring in quality businesses?

That is the big question as we head into Oakland 2014 year. 30% of Oakland residents reported speaking a non-English language at home and there are 154 languages being spoken too. California is becoming more diverse with 30 percent of the population also speaking a language other then English. You also have to tied in the culture of people who are English-speaking but have a different sets of customs then the common American culture.

One of those is the African-Americans, who are still a major force in this community, but lack commercial and political backings. That has to change because the African-Americans feels the shaft of being left out and it produces anger and frustation. A strong African-American community can produce a quality community not only in their own area but outside of it.

But because of the violence you can only get certain jobs and businesses to come into your community, creating disparity and lack of growth. My videos will seek to change that because I feel like businesses are needed to create change in this community. Furthermore the community needs to understand that the need to create an environment that is safe for businesses to grow. If we have STEM in schools, then we need to have bio-technology companies in the backyard of these schools.

My videos will showcase these things because I want my community to prosper. The event will showcase the history of Oakland and show the future of Oakland and what it is possible for our city.

Event Place:

I, Wannaminni Art Gallery

1529 Franklin Ave. Oakland, CA

Myth of Video Businesses #1

For the next few weeks I will have you look at different myths for video businesses that may look like a pot of gold but is far from it.

Myth #1: Our Video goes “viral” and we make money

If you business has a video on YouTube and gets a million hits, you will think you will be rolling in the dough. You will be rich and you have created another revenue stream on top of your own business.

But can you keep doing ‘viral videos’ all the time? And how does that help you get new customers? And how does that shows the essence of what your company is about?

Example of this plan is a Dollar Shave Club. This company only spent $4,500 for their video and after uploading their video on YouTube 48 hours later prompted 12,000 sign-ups for people to be a part of the dollar shave club. All major companies have a YouTube page featuring videos from TV and just on-line only. The majority of all videos from these companies barely make 100,000 views. But the point is to create videos revolving around what your company does and what your product is. So the only numbers you need to worry about is your gross income, not YouTube views.

Dollar Shave Club

My Business Video

Keep Your Friends Close, and Keep Your Enemies Closer

We live in a capitalist society, so you have competition.

But competition will get the best out of you. It will help you find ways of destroying your competition. In the world of business it is not just about making sales, it is about beating the competition. The perfect analogy would be a great basketball player. A great basketball player (Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Bill Russell, Gary Payton) plays offense and defense, creates their own shot, and helps other players on the team be better than they really are. Yes, that sounds taxing but it is necessary in order to get your business on the right track.

So with competition you must stand out even though your product is the same as your competition. Two examples that come to mind are Kaiser and Chevron.

Kaiser’s Thrive Campaign is really helping you stay out of the hospital instead of going into it. Well doesn’t Kaiser make money if a person comes into the hospital for a check-up? True, but the majority of their money comes from insurance. So Kaiser gets their money regardless if you go to the doctors. This Thrive campaign shows they care about you regardless you come into the hospital or not. They recognize that the hospital has become stale and pale, so with this campaign the hospital has a human element.

Kaiser Permanente

Chevron is the same way, as they use toys and animation to make the cars come to life. 4 years ago I took an animation at Berkeley City College we talked about putting human elements into inhuman products. If you do it right, the audience will care for that character as if it is a real person. These Chevron toys talk about how Techron help them be better cars. These commercial struck a chord with consumers because the cars are human and they must be well maintained. If the car does break down, you have to care for it like any human being. It made Chevron’s investment in your (or you) car the focus rather than trying to make a buck (or in their case billions).

Chevron Toys

Ferdos Ahmedin had a vision to win this contest through Post-It. She wanted to win a grant for her Non-Profit OneDay.OneMeal.EveryChild. The point of her non-profit is to help children all around the world receive food aid. To explain her vision, Post–It gave Ferdos a multitude of Post-Its to showcase her dreams of her future nonprofit.  One idea she came up with was to create a world with Post-Its. Her inspiration was using the bigger Post-It to show the words she wanted to express in the video (see below). The combination of Ferdos’s ideas created the video, which won the contest. This video was a great way to convey her passion for her non-profit, which aims to help children.

We decide to showcase our creativity to let people know we are ready to take on the world. Our creativity helps passion flourish within us. There are many people who do not understand creativity shows passion. You don’t have to be an artist to be unique. Being unique means you think about your business frequently. You reflect about how people view your product and how you want your product to be viewed. How your product translates to the masses is crucial to the success of your business.

For your business, know that people like to see something that displays heart and demonstrates passion. Everyday stop and reflect about the human characteristics of your business. Is your business funny? Is it serious? Does my business help one person? Will it help the world? These concepts are important as you move forward with your business.

What is your companies’ media vision?

When you are creative it is hard to stick to one thing. You want to throw a million ideas out and hope they all make you a million dollars each. Of course not all ideas will work but the point is to learn from your mistakes and move on. But making mistakes could be tragic if not handled right.

Google is one company that is trying to be creative. Google Glass, Google Watch, Google Reader, Google Chromebook, etc. They have been been throwing products at the consumers hoping something will stick.

Well why ask yourself why Google is interested in getting cozy with consumers? Aren’t they making hand over foot with just being a search engine? Tech companies now know and understand that customers are everything. Blackberry, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, etc. all fell victim to not fighting for the consumer’s love. Tech companies understand that as fast as you blow up, you can also get pop like a balloon. It is important to understand that in any business that you live in a capitalist society, which means your business must grow regardless you are first or last.

But you still need direction. With google products there is no direction and hence multiple messages: google nexus commercial with a little boy, google phone with the white guy. What is the identity of the Google’s products?

The vice versa of google of is Apple. Yes people have said they are going through a rough patch since the loss of Steve Jobs, but Apple and their message is still number one when you think about phone and laptops because their number one priority is the consumer. The two ways they show their product is the white screen or showing people actually using the product. Their website also goes with their commercials, showing you the fluidity of the situation. Apple represents the consumer.

A perfect example of Apple respecting their consumer fanbase was basically making Final Cut Pro X feel like iMovie instead of improving upon Final Cut Pro 7. You see that many people today edit their home videos from their mobile products and tiny cameras like GoPro but feel uncomfortable using Final Cut Pro 7. So Final Cut Pro X for those people.

So what is the moral of the story for your business? Keep your message clear, concise, and consistent, even across multiple platforms and on your YouTube channel. For example on Monday you could use Twitter to show people your recipe from one of your dishes from your restaurants. Using a certain hashtag they will post their dish and if people like it enough or the people at your business like it then it will be featured on your instagram. On Friday you could have a conversation with that person via Google Hangout and post that on your YouTube after. I know that sounds like alot but it is actually pretty simple. Just take a few hours out of your week to see how you could use media in your business. There are many services out there: hubspot, college students looking for experience, googling market strategies for your business. And me. YouTube is a great way to help achieve your goal of being the next Apple.

Delay in Event/ Motivation behind Event

When I was growing up I was taught the importance of supporting black businesses/small businesses. Whether it was from my parents and Kwanzaa or just being a part of the social justice movement I understand that black businesses are a necessary part of a growing community.

But the dream is different from reality. When I talk to black people about black businesses they usually say that the service is bad, expensive products, and lack of marketing. Those stereotypes have made it hard for black businesses to be successful when we know that with the right amount of support we can see growth.

At San Francisco State University we had a soul food restaurant. At first people love it but the complaining started: the food was dry, it was fattening, wasn’t good enough. There was issues with how the school treated them but at the end of the day African-Americans didn’t create the situation pleasant to fight for them. We think success comes over night but it doesn’t. Chervon, Kaiser, etc. were small at one time and make mistakes like small businesses do. But they preserve because people saw their future and now their future is bright.

I support because I see black business as one of the many ways a community could be better. Remember when Eastmont mall was happening? Or M&B Center? How you wanted to go to the East or Broadway? Thinking about those neighborhoods now you think about death, robbery, guns, drugs. I wish I could see unique businesses like an Oaklandish, Shoe Groupie, and Henri Hubert in areas that look like the Walking Dead. Go to the MacArthur between 73rd and Castlemont High School and see what I am talking about: blight, empty lots with weeds, etc.

When I start having jobs and making money (not alot but enough to afford stuff) I would support a black business. Verse Show in downtown Oakland was dope. Brought t-shirts, shoes, etc. Unfortunately it got replaced by the “PopHood” Store that has been successful. After that store I was running the lake and saw a store that was unique. It was called Henri Hubert. I like the store and have been going ever since. She taught me the importance of marketing businesses.

When I met Enitan Bereola and his Bereolaesque I knew that I had to film him inside Henri Hubert and talk about the store. Because behind a gentleman is a well groomed shave. I think that has helped me talk to businesses about how to connect to their audiences because with the boom of internet, you could find a person who is an expert in your field to talk about your store/ services.

After many years from that experience I decided from 2012 to film my friend/ frat brother/ brother Shahad Wright and homie Theodore White to explore this theme of educated gentleman within fashion, life, and family. I keep working with her because I feel like these stores should be in black communities as we see men/women dress in our community like they have been living on the prison yard for too long.

Unfortunately because of lack of careers in our community it is hard for a store like Henri Hubert to survive. When people have menial jobs chances are people don’t dress ‘square’ because the employers/ community doesn’t care about what the person look like outside of his job. If you are a professional you want to look professional all the time. I know we live in the area of being non-judgemental and supporting ‘black man’ but standards have to be kept in order for our young brothers and sisters to see there is reason to dress like a gentleman. So the store is at 845 Market St. 3rd Floor at the Westfield Mall in San Francisco, the only African-American run store in the mall.

It will now be in April with the date to be announced. I want you to know that I have been working hard to make sure that there will African-American males and male in general show up to have in-depth conversations and also see men and women to come together for some fun. I do apologize for this and I will make sure I will do everything I can to make sure you have a fun experience.